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The Muse Pages

Welcome to The Writtings Pages
FireGod Arts

You will find poems, stories, tall tales and a lie or threee on these pages of the website.

The Potters Tale is a story about the
making of the Holy Grail
The Master teaches perfection is a story
of learning to make pottery.
The Vendors Christmas poem is an ode to
to street vending at Christmas
Muse Page are short stories and poems
Muse II contains more short stories and poems
The Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam contains the
text of this classic poem. This poem has
inspired me in my art making and life to
ask just "Whom is the pot and whom the Potter?"
The Serenity Prayer contains two prayers of
spiritual healing that I say daily.

The pages of this section all load quickly as there are a minimum of images available for this work at this time. As I expand the website, I will include some of the images that I have used in my publication of some of these scriblings...
Russell Andavall The FireGod

Writings and Poems Pages

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BioGraphical Information
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A poem to street vendors...
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The first page of stories and poems
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Stories and Tales of selling on Telegraph
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The story of the Making of the Holy Grail
Go to The Master Teaches Perfection ->
An alagory about learning to make Pottery
Go to The Serenity Prayers Page ->
Several different prayers I say each day...
Go to The Rubiayat of Omar Khayyam ->
The classic story translated by Edward Fitgerald

You are the th traveler to this land