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This an experimental page using Shockwave technology.
The animation uses a Shockwave plug-in and is 520k
and takes 4 minutes to download!

Russell Andavall
c/o West Coast Macaroni Factory
#4 1250 57th Ave
Oakland, Ca 94521
United States

Quicktime Movie: Kiln Retrofit with Kaowool

This movie will take several minutes to download. You will be able to play it with the Quicktime controller.

With Natural Gas and Propane doubling and tripling in price, I have attempted to ling my kiln with kaowool in order to stay in the business of making high fire stoneware and porcelain pottery. I am using nichrome wire and kiln cement to attach the kaowool blanket to the walls of my soft brick kiln. The roof was lined on the outside with the kaowool instead of the inside. I felt that these applications would provide sufficiently more insulation and lower the cost of firiing without the danger associated with kaowool falling into the pottery.

Kiln retrofit with Kaowool

You must have the Apple Quicktime 3.0 extension configured for your computer with the Quicktime Plug-in for Netscape or Internet Explorer in your plug-ins folder. See my Plug-in page for help.
{1200k file!!}

You are the th jammer on stage tonight.