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This an experimental page using Shockwave technology.
The animation uses a Shockwave plug-in and is 520k
and takes 4 minutes to download!

Russell Andavall
c/o West Coast Macaroni Factory
#4 1250 57th Ave
Oakland, Ca 94521
United States

Quicktime Movie: Ceramics tip #1 Braking up Glaze Materials

This movie is 483k and will take approximately 4 minutes to download on a 56k modem. You will be able to play it with the Quicktime controller.

Glaze materials, like Zinc Oxide, Barium Carbonate, Zircopax, and Gersteley borate (Colemanite) become hard rock like clumps when stored over time. In this Quicktime Movie, I demonstrate how to use a metal pipe, a piece of paper and a kitchen sieve to make the materials back into a powder that will pass thru a sieve when mixed with other materials and water. This could also be done with a ball mill, but this method is inexpensive and fast.

Quicktime Movie Page

You must have the Apple Quicktime 4.0 extension configured for your computer with the Quicktime Plug-in for Netscape or Internet Explorer in your plug-ins folder. See my Plug-in page for help.
{483k file!!}

You are the th pot from the kiln.