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This an experimental page using Shockwave technology.
The animation uses a Shockwave plug-in and is 520k
and takes 4 minutes to download!

Russell Andavall
c/o West Coast Macaroni Factory
#4 1250 57th Ave
Oakland, Ca 94521
United States

Quicktime Movie: Candle and the Mirror

This movie will take several minutes to download. You will be able to play it with the Quicktime controller.
This is part of a video project I worked on. Its mystical and represents the suffering of Moslem women under the vail.... I digitized a single scene from this movie. This was a very powerful piece.

Quicktime Movie Page

You must have the Apple Quicktime 4.0 extension configured for your computer with the Quicktime Plug-in for Netscape or Internet Explorer in your plug-ins folder. See my Plug-in page for help.
{558k file!!}

You are the th jammer on stage tonight.