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This an experimental page using Shockwave technology.
The animation uses a Shockwave plug-in and is 520k
and takes 4 minutes to download!

Russell Andavall
c/o West Coast Macaroni Factory
#4 1250 57th Ave
Oakland, Ca 94521
United States

Quicktime Movie: Conceptual Art Project

This movie will take several minutes to download. You will be able to play it with the Quicktime controller.
I and my friends have placed my hand made tiny pots all over the world as a conceptual art project. These miniture pots are in the toilets and urinals and out houses of major museums and art sites in New York, San Francisco, Los Angles, Toyko, Moscow, Bejing, Aukland, Ho Chi Min City, at Chi Chinitza, at Matupitchu, at the Shogi Castle in Japan. I have thrown them into storm drains, lakes, streams, rivers, seas and oceans all over the world. On a recent trip to New York, I visited The Met, The Brooklyn Museum, The Museum of Natural History, The Guginheim and placed tiny pots in the bushes around the museums. This quicktime movie documents me placeing a tiny pot into the Saugatuck River just above my childhood home in Westport, Connecticut. I have placed pots in museums around the bay area in San Francisco at the MOMA, The deYoung, the Oakland museum. This is my attempt to supply archeologists with pre-holacost Berkelian Rennissance art. I am the only living artist to be showing his work in all these places at once. All be it... in the fountains and toilets of these great museums.... Russell Andavall The FireGod

I make these tiny pots for elves and faries to live in. They are handy for extra

freckles, hopes, wishes, dreams and imagination.

I and my friends, have placed them in bodies of water around the world for the

space alien archeologists to dig up, analyse and determine the origins of...

Preholacost Berkelian Renisannce Art... Quicktime Movie Page

You must have the Apple Quicktime 3.0 extension configured for your computer with the Quicktime Plug-in for Netscape or Internet Explorer in your plug-ins folder. See my Plug-in page for help.
{225k file!!}

You are the th jammer on stage tonight.