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Music and Sound Pages

Welcome to FireGod Arts
Music and Sound Pages Directory

This section contains pages that have sound files from different sources posted on them. The pages are experimental. Some of them may not work with your browser or with the windows platform. I am still very much in the learning stages with my music and the web. I hope to have a number of files from my friends who play music. Some of the files are midi files, some are AIFF files and some are WAVE files. I will attempt to make available the html coding for these pages so you can add similar projects to your pages or correct what I am doing or make suggestions as to how I can execute the things I am trying to do.
"music.html" is a page that plays a midi
file and needs a plug-in to work. I use
the Crescendo plug-in.
"Soundpage.html" is a page that plays an
AIFF sound file which is me reciting

These pages take several minutes to download and play as they are 200k or more! So please be patient and wait.. hey if we all had modems that went faster than the speed of light, we would all be born tomorrow instead of yesterday. I hope you all enjoy these.
Russell Andavall The FireGod

Links to Music and Sound Pages

IconMusic A Crescendo plug-in page
IconMusic Go to AIFF Sound page->
3minutes to load this page! (270k)
I recite the Potter's Tale poem

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