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Russell Andavall
c/o West Coast Macaroni Factory
#4 1250 57th Ave
Oakland, Ca 94521
United States

Help with Netscape Plug-ins

      My pages contain sound and video clips. In order to hear the sound or see some of the animations, you will have to configure your Browser properly. You will have to have the correct plug-ins in the Plug-in folder and have them selected. Here are some graphics to help you configure your browser with the Plug-ins. Before you start Netscape, find the Netscape Folder and then find the Plug-ins Folder. Drag the appropriate plug-ins into the Plug-ins Folder. I use Cresendo, Beatnick, Quicktime, LiveAudio, Embed, and Shockwave. I have not gotten Modzilla to work. Ok next, start Netscape up and look under the Options menu and find General. A window opens with five choices. Go to Helpers. Another window opens with the Helper applications and plugins for each type of file that your browser can use. You have to choose which plug-in or application that you want to use for a particular kind of file. Find the wave format file type and edit it. You can choose one of several plug-ins to use with your browser. Try each of them with a page with this kind of file. You will now know which plug-ins work for your browser with the wave type of file. Repeat for each of the types of files: Aiff, au, midi, video,ect. I found that many of the plugins did not work and some even crashed my browser, like Modzilla. I hope this page helps you configure your plug-ins.
      For more help configuring your browser to view online video, you can go to Terran Interactive,Inc for FREE technical support at:
Go to Terran Online Help Page for Video Configuration.
Russ Andavall

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