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 Congressman Conditís Con

	Conservative Congressman Conditís condescending contemptuous conceit, constrained 
Countenance, and convoluted contrivances have confused and confounded the constituentsí
Confidence in the control of his conduct and caused his condemnation. Can Condit convince the
Country of his contrary confusion of concentration and continual lack of concern in not conveying
hid consolation or condolences concerning the conspicuously concealed conjugal concubine?
Or in contrast, will Condit confess, be convicted of conspiracy to conceal his conniving
Contribution to the conveyance of her condition, and condemned to consummate confinement?
	Conditís camp needs consistency and confidence, contends heís not a con, contains comments,
Continues to consternate; connoting conceptually, he used a condom, she hadnít conceived;
Concluding there wasnít a contract, a conifer fell in the conservatory, and the only commoner who
Heard it was constituent, Chandra.
	So it didnít make a sound.

by Ed ďSonnyĒ Monroe

You are the th traveler to these shores.