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Vendor's Christmas Poem

The clothes were strewn
	 to the ceiling over there
While the dishes filled the sink
	   beyond compare.

No time for vacuum 
	and no time for broom,
There's three inches dust 
	        in every room.

Christmas, Oh Christmas
	 if you don't come quick,
I'm gonna' get sick, sick,sick!

Dirty and dusty 
  	the house 
	       it was trashed.
Just so I could make a little
	        Christmas cash.
So dirty. So dusty,
	       I know that it's true
If my girlfriend 
	    says that's why
		         we're thru!

Dirty and dusty 
	the toilets are clogged
If my mom saw this place,
        I know I'd be flogged!

Come wholesalers,
	Come craftfairs
	   And street sales too.
	       before I die
		of this cough 				    
and the flue.

Oh Christmas, Oh Christmas
	won't you please come 		   
	quick, quick, quicker
		before I get sick, 
			sick, sicker
      of this 
	God awful mess...

	When you come
	  I'll finally be blessed.

Christmas,Oh Christmas,
  thank God its over again,
Its January, I'm broke,
		and time to pay 
				taxes again!!!

Russell Andavall

Santas' Sleigh has arrived here times.