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Welcome to the Ceramics Pages section of my website. These links go to the pages that all have to do with ceramics. Ceramic has been and is my main occupation in life. Here are pages on producing pottery. Some of the pages are cross referenced to the writings and story pages because they are stories about making pottery.
Russell Andavall
The FireGod

Links to Ceramics Pages

IconCeramics Go to Biography Page ->
Biographical Information page
IconCeramics Go to Price List Page ->
Current prices of my functional ceramics
IconCeramics Go to Glaze Materials Page -> A page Describing Clay and minerals
I use in making Glazes and Clay
IconCeramics Go to Pictures of production Page #1 ->
Mixing clay, Wedging, Throwing
IconCeramics Go to Pictures of Production Page #2 ->
Trimming pots, Making handles, Sieving glazes
IconCeramics Go toPictures of Production Page #3 ->
Siphoning glazes, Making Cone Packs, Glazing
IconCeramics Go to Pictures of Production methods #4 ->
Production Pictures of Bricking Door,
Firing Kiln, Unloading Kiln
IconCeramics Go to Kiln Building and Firing ->
Pictures of my Kiln Bagwall, Burners
Stack, Dampers, and firing schedule
IconCeramics Go to Kiln Retrofit with Kaowool->
Quicktime movie of a Kiln retrofit
using kaowool, nichrome wire pins and
kiln cement. The movie is 1200k!
This a 5 minute download at 56k modem speed.
IconCeramics Go to Clay Animation Page->
A gif movie of me throwing teacups
Go to Pictures of Ceramic Products Page #1 ->
Mugs, bowls, pitchers, vases
plate sets, casseroles
IconCeramics Go to a Gallery of Plates ->
Plates by Russell Andavall
with Ed Monroe drawings
IconCeramics Go to a Gallery of Vases ->
Vases by Russell Andavall
IconCeramics Go to CopperRed Page ->
Oxblood Glazes with Pictures
IconCeramics Go to Techniques Page #1 ->
Using Bottle Glass in the glaze
IconMultimedia Go to Ceramics Tip on Zinc Movie (242k !) ->
This animation uses the Quicktime plug-in, is 242k
and takes 2 minutes to download!
This animation does stream if you have
Apple's crossplatform Quicktime 3.0
IconCeramics Go To Techniques Page #2 ->
Making Functional Teapots
IconCeramics Go to a Shockwave slideshow of making Teapots ->
Making Functional Teapots
This file is 283k and uses Shockwave plug-in
IconWriting Go to The Potter's Tale ->
The story of the
Making of the Holy Grail
IconWriting Go to The Master Teaches Perfection ->
A story of pottery making
IconCeramics Go To Kiln Building page ->
Building Kiln
IconDirectory Go to More Links Page ->
Links to More websites
and links to ceramics
IconWriting Go to EspanolCeramicas ->
A Clay and Glaze notes in Spanish

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