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Bottle Glass

I use glass fruit bottles and some glaze materials to make a beautifully flawed glass pool that crazes and makes an unusual pattern in the bottom of the bowl. The anhydrous silicate glass has poor expansion and contraction qualities. It crazes at about 1500 degrees F. That is just as the glass solidifies. The glass is usually a liquid. In this state, the glass is a solid and the silica conglomerate cracks along the lines of ion crystallization. The glass is still soft and continues to contract at a rate equal to the clay and glazes around it. The result is a pool of glass that is cracked. The light reflects off the lines of crazing to produce these patterns. This is the quintessential example of what the potter must do to produce a wonderful piece of art. Study the flaw and perfect the flaw until it is beauty.

I must admit that there is another explaination for this phenomenon: The brains of Deadheads, frozen melted freckles, and fairy dust will also produce this effect...
Russell Andavall The FireGod

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